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Wondering if there is mold in your attic? Usually, mold announces its presence through musty odors or blotchy stains on wood, drywall, and other materials. Even though attic mold causes less health damage than mold that occupies your living space, it can still cause problems in an unfinished attic by rotting wood, damaging drywall, and other materials.

Therefore it's important to stop mold from growing in your building. At Mohr Foam we help you prevent mold growth along with making your indoor energy efficient with our attic insulation services. When you contact us for an insulation estimate, we inspect insulation levels and determine the best insulation solution based on your home's design and your specific needs. We have the experience and tools to install many different insulation materials, including spray foam, blown-in, cellulose, and more for your home or business in Johnson City, Kingsport, Asheville, and surrounding areas.

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Attic Mold Also Indicates Energy Problems

Cause of Mold Growth in Blacksburg

Attic mold widely spreads during colder seasons than in warmer ones. To understand how mold infestation starts in the attic, let’s look at some common ventilation errors. In many buildings, a bathroom vent fan is used to dump moist bathroom air into the attic space instead of ducting this air outside. Therefore, when someone turns on the bathroom fan while taking a hot shower, the warm, moist air is blown into the attic space. Afterward, the air condenses when it hits the cold roof sheathing in the attic and the condensed water wets the roof sheathing drips down the rafters, and saturates attic insulation. Eventually, the wet wood in a dark space acts as the perfect breeding ground for mold. In case an attic is not insulated, then moisture from outside enters the attic through gaps and cracks and ends up resulting in the same situation.

Cause of Mold Growth

Mohr Can Assist With Whole-House Energy Savings!

Leaks can sprout in the attic, allowing air to seep out, causing your AC bill to rise! At Mohr, we believe comfort starts in the attic! We are a family-owned business. At Mohr, we are trained, licensed, and certified insulation installers specialized in spray foam insulation. Give us a call at 877-620-6151 or contact us online to schedule a home energy assessment or a Free Estimate for insulation services in Johnson City, Kingsport, AshevilleKnoxville, Hazard, Middlesboro, Greenville, Hickory, Spartanburg, Oak Ridge, Blacksburg, Boone, Bluefield, and other nearby towns.

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