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Crawl Space Insulation Near Charleston, Lexington, Georgetown

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Crawl space issues might seem insignificant to put immediate attention on however if you have issues such as drywall cracks in the interior, uneven floors, foul odors, mold, mildew, and breathing problem with headaches, your crawl place is having moisture and it needs to be insulated as early as possible. Excessive moisture can lead to costly property damages and health hazards you don't take care of it in time.

Ward off mold & moisture damage and boost indoor air quality with the right crawl space insulation by Mohr Spray Foam. The experts at Mohr Sprayfoam Insulation will inspect the crawl space, seal air leaks, and install high-performance insulation to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. We are your local insulation contractor serving Johnson City, Kingsport, Asheville, and surrounding areas.
Crawl Space Insulation

How to Know Your Crawl Space Needs Attention

  • The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime.
  • During cold weather, you have to keep the heat going nearly all the time to be comfortable in rooms directly above the crawl space.
  • Mice or other pests have taken up residence in fiberglass insulation installed between joists in the crawl space.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists in the crawl space.
  • The crawl space smells moldy or has visible signs of mold.
  • The crawl space is damp all the time.
Indicators of crawl space insulation
wrong type of crawl space insulation

Reason Why You Should Consider Crawl Space Insulation in Johnson City

  • Secure and dependable. Unlike fiberglass insulation, rigid foam won’t compress, fall out of place or lose its R-value over time. It’s definitely a “once-and-done” improvement.
  • Efficient air sealing. When joints between foam panels are taped, rigid foam stops air leaks that can waste energy. Fiberglass insulation can’t stop air movement.
  • Moisture-proof. Rigid foam won’t absorb moisture or be damaged by it.
  • Resistant to mold. Mold can’t take hold of rigid foam because it contains no organic food source and it doesn’t hold moisture.
  • Improved ductwork performance. Ducts located in the crawl space benefit from rigid foam installed against crawl space walls.
Rigid Foam
Rigid foam panels exceed fiberglass 

Start Your Crawl Space Transformation With The Best Insulation from Mohr

At Mohr, we believe comfort & energy efficiency starts with a properly-insulated crawlspace. Our installers are trained, licensed, and certified.  We are a family-owned business serving in Johnson City, Kingsport, AshevilleKnoxville, Hazard, Middlesboro, Greenville, Hickory, Spartanburg, Oak Ridge, Blacksburg, Boone, Bluefield, and other nearby towns.

Why Local Homeowners Choose Us for Crawl Space Insulation & Upgrades

  • Family-Owned Company
  • Licensed and Certified Insulation Installers
  • Free Attic Inspection to Correct Insulation Problems
  • Assurance of Increased Comfort & Consistent Temperatures in Your Building
  • Top Reputation for Craftsmanship & Minimal Disruption

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